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"Completely hysterical, laughed my head off. I'm not lying, it couldn't be more brilliant."

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The Spoilt Brat’s Guides go on sale!

Just a quick announcement, and in an attempt to avoid confusion – ‘Just a Bit Confucius’ has been on sabbatical to allow me to focus on another project: The Spoilt Brat’s Guide.  ”The Spoilt Brat is a force unto herself. She will scale mountains, canoe down rivers, gallop across plains and water-ski behind a super yacht. She will not however do any of these things if they cannot be done in style.” For those of you who are familiar with my luxury travel guides, they are now on [...]

News from the Nail Bar is the comic account of a single mum trying to bring up her four year old daughter while running a company of unreliable staff, nightmare builders, demanding customers, a disastrous love-life and an over-bearing boss....

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