"Two people can interpret the same situation completely differently, either due to a language or cultural difference. This happens to me ridiculously frequently; maybe because I think I am part Chinese and I’m not, or maybe this is just what life is like for a foreigner living in China?"

Christy Powell
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about Christy

Born in Hong Kong to intrepid parents, Christy had an unconventional upbringing in Hong Kong, the UK, Mexico, Spain and the US.  Married with three children, she now divides her time between Hong Kong and London.

Christy spent her early years living on the small island of Lamma in the South China Sea, the only non-Chinese family on the island.

Life changed dramatically when, at the age of eight, Christy was sent to boarding school in Kent; she started to write a diary.  At eighteen, Christy spent a year living in a remote village in the Sierra Norte Mountains of Mexico where, to help her get through the frequent bouts of solitude, she further developed her love of writing.


On graduating from Brown University, Christy returned to London to working for Chris Evans on his TFI Friday show, followed by two years at Condé Nast.

In 1998, despite having no prior experience of the beauty industry, Christy set up the first New York City-style nail bar in London with business partner, Katrina Fleming. They went onto establish a successful nail bar chain employing 45 staff and sold the business five years later for a sizeable amount.

Christy then followed her husband and his job to Hong Kong, thrilled at the prospect of giving her children the same childhood she had enjoyed.

She started writing News from the Nail Bar in 2007, over an extended period, six months after having her third child.  News from the Nail Bar was published in November 2011 and Christy was signed on by United Agents.

In July 2013, Christy launched her Just a bit Confucius chronicles providing a weekly insight into the intricacies of life in Hong Kong, and aiming to capture those ‘lost in translation’ moments.  The #JABC chronicles are published every Thursday.

Christy is also collaborating with the Colorado-based Beneath the Ink, on a series of iBooks,The Spoilt Brat’s Guide; the innovative technology and ‘binks’ enable her readers to gain more insight into the characters, places, concepts, and words that pique their curiosity without ever leaving the page.

Along with her husband Nick (aka The Italian), both Christy’s parents have been a big force in her life and have been very supportive of her career as both a writer and entrepreneur.

Christy’s mother, Jennifer Murray, provided the artwork for News from Nail Bar and is also the illustrator for Just a bit Confucius. Jennifer studied at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design.  An adventurer and keen marathon-runner, Jennifer qualified as a helicopter pilot at the age of 54 and holds three Guinness World Records, including the first helicopter circumnavigation by a woman. She is also the author of three books.