'Just a bit Confucius is about capturing and illustrating those lost in translation moments.

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Weekly insights into the intricacies of life in Hong Kong

I’ve lived in Hong Kong for around twenty years but my Cantonese is appallingly limited. I can swear, count, ask the time, get basic directions, and tell someone they are very handsome but too hairy for me, but that is about the full extent of it. There is a massive scope for misunderstanding in any conversation I have with a local. The consequences of this have sometimes been disastrous. ‘Just a bit Confucius’ was inspired by these moments, where (luckily), more often than not, the hilarity of the situation outweighed the consequences of the misinterpretation.



The Spoilt Brat’s Guides go on sale!

Just a quick announcement, and in an attempt to avoid confusion – ‘Just a Bit Confucius’ has been on sabbatical to allow me to focus on another project: The Spoilt Brat's Guide.  "The Spoilt Brat is a force unto herself. She will scale mountains, canoe down rivers, gallop across plains and water-ski behind a super yacht. She will not h...

Just a bit Confucius: ‘Fear of Flying’ by Christy Powell

Friday, 4th April 2014 I used to get cold sweats before take off and my hands would shake trying to do up the seatbelt. I would read and re-read the safety instructions, check the lifejacket was where it should be and promise God that if he looked after me I would be a much better person going forward.  That was before I developed a proper fear...