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'Just a bit Confucius is about capturing and illustrating those lost in translation moments.

Christy Powell
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The Spoilt Brat’s Guides go on sale!

Just a quick announcement, and in an attempt to avoid confusion – ‘Just a Bit Confucius’ has been on sabbatical to allow me to focus on another project: The Spoilt Brat’s Guide.


 ”The Spoilt Brat is a force unto herself. She will scale mountains, canoe down rivers, gallop across plains and water-ski behind a super yacht. She will not however do any of these things
if they cannot be done in style.”

For those of you who are familiar with my luxury travel guides, they are now on sale as eBooks in the form of three destinations per book. It may come as a surprise to hear that I have actually improved on the originals. They are now bigger, better and bursting with even more hilarious anecdotes as well as the usual smattering of useful information.

Those who are new to The SBG’s but have enjoyed my JABC’s, you will hopefully get a kick out of this tongue-in–cheek form of travel writing.

If you are just a bit confused as to what all these acronyms mean, click the links below and be transported into the world of luxury travel.  You can also view a Micro eBook with a short extract from the ‘Rome’ chapter of SBG1.

First two volumes of The Spoilt Brat’s Guide are NOW available for

download at the iBookstore (£1.99 each), click here and here

or search ‘Christy Powell’



An interactive ‘3-Dimensional’ reader experience

Published in collaboration with the award-winning Beneath the Ink,

The Spoilt Brat’s Guides feature ‘Binks’ enabling readers to go

‘Beneath the Ink’ and discover additional personal anecdotes from

Christy with supporting images


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